Best Ways to Promote Your Small Business

Oyindamola Oseni
5 min readJul 8, 2021
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As a small or growing business, you must focus on developing effective promotion strategies to widen your reach. This will help you expand, get attention from more people, and ensure you are above the competition.

Determining the best ways to promote your business can be challenging. Deciding on the right steps to take may be confusing, especially for a new business. You may also be looking out for alternative strategies for better results. Whatever your situation, there are easy ways for you to strengthen the awareness of your products and services. The digital age has made this easier.

This post will cover efficient promotion methods for small business owners. Executing them properly will boost sales, expand your clientele base and cement your brand identity.

Ways to Promote Your Small Business Online

Most purchasing decisions are made from searching for new trends, products, and services on the internet. Thus, an online presence is not an option, but a necessity for your business. Below are great ways to promote your business online.

1. Create a Website

The bedrock of your entire online presence lies on a professional website. It creates your consumer’s first impression of your brand, increases your visibility, and shows your professionalism. Failure to create a website means you are losing lots of potential customers.

It guarantees that your business can be accessed at any time, and from any location. This allows you to portray your company exactly how you want. Use every page on your website as a resource center for your brand. This way, clients get easily acquainted with your brand, and your sales will increase.

There is a lot you to gain with a website. It can be your 24/7 online showroom, a platform for teaching your clients, and a medium to establish a relationship among consumers. Make sure it provides every detail about your business.

You can create simple sites with one of the platforms like Wix, GoDaddy,, or SquareSpace.

2. Google Listing

Being the largest search engine, listing on Google My Business massively expands your reach. It gives your company a presence on Google Search and Google Maps. It is free and easy to create. Once you are found, it provides your website and directions to your physical address.

This also ensures that valid information about your business is easily accessible. You can post updates like opening and closing times, working days, etc. This improves your credibility and improves your customer experience.

Completing your profile will boost your search ranking. You will need to fill out your name, contact details, product categories, and more. Provide all the information you can, and fill each section carefully. It is a good idea to encourage your customers to post reviews, people take customer reviews seriously.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Implementing basic on-page SEO for your website can yield organic traffic and increase visibility. This should be incorporated on your website and articles. It will allow your website and articles to show up when people search for the type of services you offer.

Creating a website that tends to customer’s needs and solves their problems will aid your ranking. Another best practice is including relevant keywords on your website pages. Ranking high on Google exposes your business to people searching for the kind of service you render.

You may not see results immediately, so you will need to be patient. The more quality you provide, the more your content is clicked and the higher you rank.

4. Start a Business Blog

A blog shows that you care about customer satisfaction, which makes it an ideal promotion tool. This can give a voice to your brand. It is a way to continuously provide helpful and current information about your service to your clients and prospects.

Create content that addresses the questions your target customers need answering. Constantly targeting these customer-focused questions and providing useful content will improve your ranking. It can be in form of how-to guides or sharing ways to maximize products.

Share them regularly on your website, social media accounts, or via email newsletters. This will always leave an impression on the customer’s mind. You can include a call for readers to subscribe to the blog. This is a way to generate leads and provide them with valuable information even if they are yet to patronize your services.

5. Set up Social Media Accounts

Creating social media accounts is a no-brainer. It has made it easier to connect with your customers and increase your business’s visibility. Sharing your content on these platforms is vital for your success.

Your target audience and your type of business will determine the right platforms for you. Your social media accounts should be interactive. It should be utilized as a tool to determine your client’s needs and areas you need to work on.

Apart from posting your products, it can serve as a fast way to address customer queries. Ensure you provide value to your followers and they become return customers.

6. Run Google Ads

This is a guarantee of immediate exposure on Google as SEO might take a longer time. If it fits into your budget, then you should give it a go. With the right keywords, you are on your way to the top of the pile of google searches.

Google ads allow you to run target-specific ads. So if you run a local business it can help you reach potential customers near you. If you cater to different audiences, it can help you target both demographics. You can do this by using multiple keywords in your ad.

7. Email Marketing

This remains a viable option, it is an efficient and pocket-friendly method of promotion. Email marketing is not only for generating sales, but also an avenue to provide value. It can be used to enlighten your customers, increase their loyalty, promote products, and even conduct surveys.

For an effective email market strategy, you should develop a guide. This helps you plan your content for the entire year ahead, this way, you do not run out of ideas. Emails should be sent regularly, aim for at least one per week.

8. Video Content

YouTube is a popular video platform with which you can promote your business for free. Creating a quick video to talk about your values and products can help people connect more to your brand. This can be added to your websites, emails, and blog posts which will boost your engagements.

Videos can be used to promote your brand, educate your consumers. They are also a valuable SEO tool because videos appear in google searches.

There are many options to promote your small business. Implementing the methods in this post will produce great outcomes. Some of these strategies yield results immediately, and others take a while. Determine what works for you and increase your efforts. With this, you are on your way to building your brand awareness.